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Look South

  • 2.1 Speaker's Chair

    Until the 1930s, each outgoing Speaker of the Ontario Legislature was given his chair as a gift. Today Speakers receive an official portrait when they leave office. The chair currently in use belonged to Speaker Rupert Wells (1874-79).

    Speaker’s Dais
  • 2.2 Press Gallery

    Journalists from media outlets across Ontario may apply for a Press Gallery pass, providing access to the Chamber to watch and report on the debates. Reporters covering the Legislature have offices on the third floor of the building.

  • 2.3 Romanesque Style

    Architect Richard Waite used the Romanesque architectural style in his design of the Legislative Building. Characteristics of this style that can be seen in the Chamber include round arches and elaborate carvings.

    Building Design

    Placement of the Legislative Chamber

    Examples of Romanesque style

    Romanesque Architecture in Toronto

  • 2.4 Flags

    Featured on the south wall of the Chamber are two sets of flags representing Ontario, Canada, and the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in green and gold, the province’s official colours (L to R).

    The Legislative Assembly of Ontario Flag
  • 2.5 Government

    The political party winning the most seats, or ridings, during a provincial election sits to the right of the Speaker as the Government. The Government is led by the Premier who sits near the centre of the front row.

  • 2.6 Opposition

    The opposition parties sit to the left of the Speaker. The political party winning the second-most seats, or ridings, during a provincial election forms the Official Opposition. Other political parties must hold at least eight seats to be recognized.