Gathering Place - Birth of the Project

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Gathering Place - The Birth of the Project

Artwork lines the hallways and is peppered through the rooms of Ontario’s Legislative Building. Landscapes, genre scenes and portraits of Ontario’s past Lieutenant Governors, Premiers and Speakers showcase the history and traditions of our province. However the story told is incomplete, lacking the narratives of the province’s varied peoples.

As the seat of Ontario’s provincial parliament, the Legislative Building is a physical symbol representing our province and a space that can celebrate Ontario’s many voices. The goal of Gathering Place is to bring forward and honour the experiences of Ontario’s numerous Aboriginal peoples, as well as to build a bridge of understanding between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities.

Aboriginal communities from across the province have generously loaned their artwork and cultural expressions to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario for this project. This collection of artwork allows us to see Ontario in a special light, one that is focused on the relationship between people and nature.

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario is humbled to have Gathering Place housed within its walls, a lasting and living legacy of our province’s rich Aboriginal presence.