Eligibility Requirements and Selection Criteria

Students are eligible if they:

  • attend school in Ontario
  • are currently enrolled in grade 7 or 8; students in grade 6 are not eligible
  • have an academic average of Level 4 or 80 % (or higher)

Students must also demonstrate:

  • an involvement in a variety of extra-curricular (in and out of school) and community based activities
  • leadership skills
  • responsibility, maturity and commitment
  • an interest in current affairs
  • strong interpersonal and social skills, and an ability to get along well with peers and adults.

All applicants go through an anonymous screening process to ensure fairness.  An equal number of boys and girls are chosen for each group of Pages.  Students are selected from across Ontario to ensure representation from all provincial ridings. Please refer to the Legislative Page Program Selection Essay Rubric (PDF) to see the assessment criteria.